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W32 Blaster Worm

            The W32 Blaster Worm was one of the most rapid spreading viruses on the internet until this day. It was created to attack one of the Windows update sites and cripple it but its attack was not successful. This didn't stop its creators from letting it loose on the web to cause as much trouble as possible. Even if I am ashamed to say this, I also had the W32 Blaster Worm on my computer but I just want to say in my defense that it was because I was part of a very large network and I got it from a very good friend of mine that had no idea he was infected. Ok so let's see now what this little bugger actually does. Well to be honest with you, not much. It just restarts your computer infinitely until you remove it. The " good " part about this is that it always prompts you before restarting your computer informing you on what is about to happen and telling you that you should save any work you might have in progress or risk losing it. How nice of him! How can you not like this virus ? By the way, you only have one minute until your computer is restarted. Of course, the countdown can be avoided by running the " shutdown -a " command from the Windows command line.
            The thing about W32 Blaster Worm is that it gets very annoying really fast. Whenever you are doing something fun on your PC, this virus will come along and decide to ruin it for you. Imagine talking with your family over the internet or enjoying a nice video conference with a loved one. All is going well until this intruder shows up and decides it is time to stop it. Furthermore, this virus has proved to be a real pain for all the competent gamers out there because it forced their PCs to restart which meant that they got automatically disconnected with no mean to return to the online multiplayer game. However this virus has gotten on your nerves, let's see what can you do to remove it.
            Well, the first thing you do in order to remove the W32 Blaster Worm is to buy one of the very best antivirus applications out there. Cheap and free ones can also work but I don't recommend these for you because if you have such an old virus on our computer is it guaranteed that you will have more in the future because you don't know how to protect your PC against them effectively yet. As such, you will need the best protection available today on the market so that you can carry on with your work or enjoyment undisturbed. Even if W32 Blaster Worm and alureon were a beast in its time, now it is just a pussycat that has no chance when trying to hide from any of the top internet security solution available on the market today.

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